Urban Decay Naked 3 review

Hey guys so I have been wanting to do this for ages but I am happy that I finally have the time to do it. This is going to be my Naked 3 palette review.

 So on first impressions I can tell that Urban Decay really tried to pull out the stops with the packaging of the palette as well as the actual colours of eye-shadows.
You can sort of tell that they really wanted to make this palette look different to the past Naked palettes but still keep in the theme of the whole Naked range by picking brown and gold tones for the packaging.
Personally I think they could of been a little bit more creative with the look of the packaging but I still like it.

I took some pictures to show you all the  before I show them swatched.

I absolutely love the colours that have been picked for this palette, especially as they suit blue eyes which I have. I think the reason this palette was so popular and still is, is that there isn't many if any palette that are a rose gold theme/tone and rose gold has been very popular in fashion like jewellery as well as make up.

One thing I wished they has changed about the colour choices is that I wish they would have included more shimmer, metallic tones like, dust, buzz and trick.
 But the darker I must I really like a lot more then Naked and Naked 2 which I definitely wasn't a fan of in the first to palettes, hence why I still haven't got them and I probably never will for that reason. I really think they developed and spent a lot of time picking out the colours to ensure you can create loads of different looks and they have picked colours that pretty much suit most skin tones and eye colours.

I also took some pictures of swatches I did of the colours on the back of my hand.

Strange, Dust, Burnout, Limit and Buzz

Trick, Nooner, Liar and Factory

Mugshot, Darkside and Blackheart

Some of the names I must admit are a bit odd but at the end of the day there just names for eye-shadows.

First thing I would say when using the eye-shadows on your eyes is don't wet your brush and then pick colour up because I feel like it effect the rest of the eye-shadow in the pan over wise. If you want to use then wet then do it on the back of your hand.
I also noticed that the matte type shades are not as pigmented as the rest which I think you would expect in any palette that has matte eye-shadows. But for the price of this I would expect all the eye-shadows to be good quality and fully pigmented. 
My favourite colours are probably Dust, Burnout, Trick and Blackheart.
I love how Blackheart has red glitter in it and even when you applied it the glitter doesn't disappear like most similar eye-shadows like this that I have tried have done.

The palette also comes with a useful and god quality double ended brush which I have used a couple of times and was amazed and how good it applied the shadow to my eyes and blended them together.
It also comes with four different samples of  their very well known primer potion which I thought was quite generous and allows you to test them out if you are thinking of buying the full size version.

 I hope you enjoyed this little review and hope it helps you in deciding whether to buy it for yourself. 
Comment below what is your favourite shade and if you own it, what do you think. xxx


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