Bomb Cosmetics haul

Hey Guys, sorry I haven't been on for a while. I had a busy week and then went to Yorkshire to visit family and I got my GCSE results today. I finally decided that I had enough and had to get back into the routine of things.

Today I have a Bomb cosmetics haul, I have been familiar with this brand for while as I have bought soaps and wax melts for burners before. When I went to my step-dads on the weekend and went shopping. I came across a new, little shop in the town that sells Bomb cosmetics, so I couldn't leave without picking some bits up especially as there was an offer on hehe. 

So let me show you what I bought xx

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Bath Brulees
These bath brulees are probably what I am most excited to try out as the smell amazing and they just make me want to eat them they smell so good. The ones are I got are Milk and Honey which is on the left and Choc around the clock on the right. These things are so big but it doesn't look like it in the picture but they are. Bomb Cosmetics say they can last you for six baths which I totally can understand because they are that big. These bath brulees are full of moisturising butters so they are prefect if your legs are feeling dry and flaky. This is similar to Lush's bubble bar and bath melt combined into one.


Milk and Honey

Choc around the clock

Bath Blasters
I'm pretty sure you will know what these are but just in case, these are the bath bombs that Bomb cosmetics sell. When I go to lush I always focus on the bath bombs because they are my favourite bath item. The two bath blasters that I got are Ugly Duckling and The land of milk and honey. As you can tell I was on a milk and honey kick by the looks of it when I bought these. My first impression of these are that they smell amazing just like the brulees and they really take special attention to detail and the appearance of the bath blasters. If you check out there website and look at the bath blasters you will notice they have made their bath bombs look really creative and unique. This feel they have done slightly better then lush but still at the end of the day it doesn't really matter what they look like because they will be dissolved by your bath water haha.

Ugly Duckling

The land of milk and honey

Bath mallows and buttercups
Unfortunatly the white buttercup went everywhere so you cant really tell what is what but the yellow and white one is called Lemon express and it is a Bath Mallow, the all white one in a cupcake wrapper is called Coconut Crème and it is a buttercup. Mine got a little mashed during travel but luckily it didn't break hahaha.
The pink and blue one is called First love and it is also a Bath Mallow. I cant stress how much these things smell. They have made my room smell amazing and I can not wait to try all these out. These would probably be similar to lush's bath melts.

Link to First Love on the Bomb Cosmetic website

Link to Coconut Crème on the Bomb Cosmetic website

All in all I wanted to do was try these products and see if I could prefer them to lush. My reason for this is because as much as lush is fairly cheap with some of their products and they tend to use all natural products and hand make everything. I still think they are a bit too much and Bomb Cosmetics are cheaper and have all the same principles as lush. I had search off their website, giving it a good read through and checking out all the products they sell and all the ingredients they use in their products and I came a across this little section in their about page that really does give you the feeling they care about the world and care for the people that buy their products. I have to include to show you what they are trying to do when selling their products.

They also give an paragraph below this on their website all about their company but just reading this gives me confidence that I know this brand is good for my skin but also is good for the world and it wont harm any living thing in the process. 

I did notice that they don't seem to use as many natural products as lush but they still try keeping it to a minimal which for me is perfectly fine. 

I definitely recommend you purchasing some items from their or you can find your nearest retailer on their website.
As of yet I haven't tried any of these products but like I said before I have tried their soaps and wax melts and fell in love with them so I have high expectations for these bath products. I also noticed on their website, when you click on a product you will find reviews left by other people that have tried the product and as of yet I haven't come across a bad comment so if you are unsure always see what people have said. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and leave a comment below on what your favourite product was, also if you have tried any products from Bomb Cosmetics let me know what your opinions where on it.

Again I am sorry for not posting for a while, I have been super busy especially with my GCSE results and my new collage.

Thank you xxxx


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