The Collective Great Dairy

Firstly I just need to say if you haven't tried this yoghurt, then you haven't lived 

Hey, so this is only a quick post but I just wanted to share with you this amazing yoghurt that I bought a couple of days ago.
It really is the
The flavour is crème brulee and it is a live, active yoghurt. I don't actually know if there is any health benefits to having a yoghurt that is active but all I know is that this one tastes amazing.

I particularly enjoyed having it with some chopped up green grapes as part of my lunch and as a little snake before tea.

I must admit the sugar content may be on the slightly high side but when i went to the shop and looked at all the yoghurt's they had this one had the least sugar content which is quite bad as this yoghurt per suggested serving has 17g. 
Besides these point it is still perfectly healthy to eat every now and again or like I do with some fruit. 

I seriously recommend you try this as I thing it tastes absolutely amazing

Also as you may have seen in the pictures this flavour was created by a Olympic medallist called Geraint Thomas.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and be sure to check back as I will hopefully have another post up on my blog later today, Thank you

Disclaimer: This company did not contact me or ask me to do this, I bought everything myself and all the opinions expressed are my own and honest opinions.


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