The Bomb Cosmetics Review- First Love bath mallow

Hey Guys, so earlier on in the week I posted a haul post of the products I bought from the brand Bomb Cosmetics.
I thought It was only right to do a review on all the products so you can see what they are like and whether they are worth the money and help to make your feel soft and smooth.

Because I bought quite a couple of products I am going to do a review series on them as by the time I have used them all I probably would of forgot what I thought about them by the time I come to write a big long review haha.

So for the first post of the bomb cosmetics I am going to review The 'First Love' bath mallow.

I did buy two of the bath mallows so I probably wont do a review on the over one as it is the same unless it is considerably different.

So first love has a pink base and a blue top that gives the appearance of a mini cupcake which I thing is quite appealing and makes it look really cute.

First thing you notice about these bath mallows is that they smell amazing, there not as strong as the bath blasters but still they have a lovely smell.
Also you only have to hold them for ten seconds and you can feel the butters and oils it has inside of it just melting.

So onto actually putting it into the bath, when I dropped it in it didn't float which was disappointing, I don't know why I found it disappointing it just was haha.
Aside from this it did smell even more amazing when I dropped it in.

When it had just about fully dissolved into the bath water and I stepped in I could feel the oil on my skin straight away.
Some people might not like this but I didn't really mind it, at least my skin is getting a lot of moisture.

I was expecting the water to turn purple because of the mixture of blue and pink but it turned the water a blue colour which looked really nice.

I had a video but it won't upload so I will try again later in the week to upload onto this post xx

Hope you enjoyed this review and make sure you check out The Bomb Cosmetics Website


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