My GCSE results experience

Finally, the stress levels decrease, papers are thrown away, huge piles of text books disappear back to where they originally belonged, endless nights of last minute revision subside, the high level nerves from waiting to enter an exam are no more but that gruelling day still waits ahead to determine whether all this actually paid off and what your future is shaped out to be, RESULTS DAY.

A topic that is trending a lot at the minute is Results day and its not just all about GCSE's. A-levels were released the week before and from what I heard everything went pretty well for most people. But not the same could be said for GCSE's exactly. According to reports GCSE grades have risen BUT English grades have decreased and in my case I was probably part of that but I will get onto that later. 
I'm not surprised that results have suffered slightly as my year was the first year to take GCSE exams under new changes by the government and I am the first year to be told that we now have to stay in education till we are 18. Yes it does mean people are likely to be better educated when applying for jobs and it stops teen staying at home, doing nothing but it does make the processing of passing and getting good results a lot harder especially as the exam boards are going to be a lot harsher when awarding results on the exam papers.

I wanted to show you my results and tell you how I feel about GCSE's and what my experience has been like since starting GCSE's in year 10.
I do in advance apologise because I know one or two people my not understand this at all because some country's call things different to what they call them in England say. For example in england year 10 is an american 9th grade.

My Results

Mathematics- C

Additional Science- C

Spanish- E

D & T: Graphic Products- B

English Language- E

English Literature- C

Business Studies- C

Home Economics (Child development)- C

Physical Education (SC)- E

Religious Studies- B

My first thoughts about my results are that I did a lot better then what I felt like I had done when I was actually doing them especially my English. After finishing both my lit and lang exam I thought I had failed both them and wouldn't get a grade any higher then an F so to find out one was a C absolutely surprised the hell out of me and I wouldn't shut up about it for ages after. I was happy that I managed to get a grade higher then a C in my Graphics as it might be able to help me in the career path a want to take and it showed all my revision on that subject paid off. In case you don't know I am wanting a career in fashion design.

So im going to give a further indepth talk about each subject because these are my overall grades so it is my final exam and coursework mixed into one to create my final grade.

Mathematics (Maths)

Maths I really pushed myself to ensure I knew what everything was and how to do everything. The reason for this purely because I knew I was having trouble with my English and I have to get a C grade in both over wise I don't pass so I tried to focus on maths as much as possible as I knew if I did I would have a good chance of passing easily.
And luckily I passed with a C
Now i did take the foundation tier papers instead of higher so the highest mark I could possibly get was a C but I'm just glad I got a C

Additional Science

So for my science I did a higher paper for Biology as it is the one I am pretty good at and then for Chemistry and Physics I did a foundation paper.

For biology I got a C
For Chemistry I got a D
For physics I got a D
For my Practical (Its called an Icer but I don't actually know who to spell it correctly) I got a B


Spanish Unit 1- E
Spanish Unit 2- E
Spanish Unit 3- D
Spanish Unit 4- D

Ya as you can language really isn't my thing.

D & T: Graphic Products

Like with maths I revised a lot for my Graphics exam and my coursework to ensure I could really get a god grade and it did all pay off thanks to my luck.

Graphics exam- B
Graphics coursework- B

I am trying to see if I can get my coursework back, If I do I may do a post on it just showing you my work at the sort of things I had to do.
Let me know down below if you would like that

English Language

English language was probably my worst out of both lit and lang and that was a surprise to me just because I thought I had done better in English language than English literature but obviously I did the complete opposite haha. I have always had slight trouble with my English and I was getting so stressed out with just before exams started so I was expecting a lot worse even though I still didn't pass English language.
So there is three different exams (two are written pieces i think and the last one will be the actual exam).

English language Unit 2 Spk & Lis I don't quite understand but I don't actually have a grade it just says 3 so I don't know haha

English language Unit 1- E

English language Unit- D

English Literature

English Literature I did a lot better at then English language to my surprise because I absolutely detest English literature but there you go.

English Literature Unit 1- D

English Literature Unit 2- C

English Literature Unit 3- C

Business Studies

Business studies I had a funny relationship with because some topics I couldn't stand but others I absolutely loved but still overall I enjoyed Business Studies and my teacher was really good which helped to keep me focused when revising because she helped with any topic I got stuck on, business studies can be really confusing sometimes :L

Business Studies Marketing & Enterprise- C

Business Studies Business & People- B

Business Studies Production, Finance & extra business- C

Child Development

I absolutely love child development, I really enjoyed studying it and for me the exam for child development was the easiest. Even though I love it so much I don't think I would choice it as a career option but at least I have some knowledge and it made a difference to the usual subjects that you learn all the time.

Child development tasks- D

Child development child study task- C

Child development final exam grade- A

Physical Education

I've never been a fan of P.E and that may have added to the reason for my low grade but for me I couldn't care less for P.E and what grade I get. But did get a good grade in my sit down paper exam but for practical the reason is so low is because I had some back issues that cause me to have to stop doing P.E lesson for a while and that happened right when the teachers were marking us for our final grade but again like I said before I couldn't care less for P.E.

P.E Unit 1 (final exam)- B

P.E Unit 2(Practical)- G

Religous Studies (short course)

Again I have never been interested in R.E that much but I have always found I ok when it comes to tests and exam question with it.

R.E Philosophy- B

R.E Ethics- B

I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know in the comments if you did your exams this or even a couple of years ago and tell me what your experience was like xx


  1. Congratulations! I will be inyr10 this yr quite terrified to be honest! And haha it's ISA we did a practice in yr 9. I found it easy as we were given guidance throughout so am ready for that. Also, it would be great if you did a post on if you could go back what would you change and top tips x

  2. Thank you so much xx Thanks for the correction I was having so much trouble with that haha and Ya So did I it was pretty easy. Also thank you for the suggestion I will definitely do a post on it, wont be up until the end of the week just because im getting ready for collage and my other posts are scheduled xxx


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