My August Playlist

August has been full of organ shaking bass and beats that make you flash back to the happy summer memories that left you dancing your heart out at festivals. 
August is definitely my favourite month for music as most artist are releasing their summer dance tunes and DJ's are working at the best.
This made me want to post a monthly playlist that I share with you guys and hopefully I can introduce you to knew artists and songs or just share the same love. 

Here's my Playlist for august:

1. Oliver Helden x Becky Hill - Gecko (overdrive)
I can not express in words how much I adore this song right now. I love to search you tube also for the bass boosted version, it makes sound even more incredible. 

2. The Chvrches - We sink
I admit, I wasn't that keen on The Chvrches to start with but they grew on me and I love them know, especially at the minute I love their song we sink. I love their sound and I love the rest of the album the song is from.

3. FKAtwigs - Two weeks
OMFG, there is no words for this song apart from F@#KIN AMAZIN

4. Jlo - Booty
You ent heard nothing until you heard this, just trust me 

5. Magic- Rude
I know song isnt really reggae but it just makes me think I am on a summer holiday in barbados. I love that it has a reggae/rock mix and it makes me think of summer straight away, its a good song to sing along to with all your friends haha.

6. Galantis- You
A great song to just to absolutly dance and rave your heart out to, well I have anywhy :D

7. Dimitri Vegas, Martin Garrix, Like Mike- Tremor
Like with The Chvrches, I never used to like any songs of  Martin Garrix but he has grown on me a lot and love every song of his and I think song is perfect for summer 2014.

8. Sigma- Nobody to love
So this summer was my prom and this song is the song that best describes my prom and it will always been known as the prom song to me hahaha. 

9. Robin Schulz & LILLYWOOD- Prayer in C
Again this song is really good to just dance about to and I love it xx

10. Shift k3y- Touch
Love the beat to this song and cant stop listening to it because it is so contagious.


  1. What a great post,love it!
    Keep in touch xoxo
    Antonella! :)

    1. Thank you, appreciate it and that would be great will do xx


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