Hey guys, I have been wanting to do this post for a long time and I cant believe I actually own one of these things, carry on reading you'll find what it is just bare with me haha. I seen these things across the board of the internet, all over twitter, all over youtube and other peoples blogs and it has kind of timed in with my resolution to slowly start introducing a more healthier diet to my lifestyle and I got sucked into the hype of this one, not what I usually like to do cause it ends bad very often but I just have been dying to try it and I gave in.
So what I have been talking about all this time is the Breville blend active smoothie maker, its basically an upgraded modern day blender put in its simplest form. Its a blender designed for on the go, good for someone who is on their feet all the time, like a person who works/study's in a town or a sporty person, who wants to eat healthy.  
This blender has a lot of features that make it unique and useful, like:
-You can just blend everything up inside it and go straight away, no mess, no fuss.
-It is easily portable so you can take it in the car with you or on a bike ride.
-The bottle's that are proved are durable and last for long time as they made of Copolyester.
- You can remove the blade once you have finished blending and it is safe to plop it into the washing machine.
- You can blend up ice cubes in it to make a nice, cooling iced drink, great for parties or cocktails.
What is included in the box:
1. You get two sporty style like lids for the bottles which are click close ones so you can hear whether it has closed properly.
2. You get the top that has the blades to blend up the contents which can be attached to the main machine part and can be unscrewed from the bottle itself to swap it with a lid.
3. You then get the main machine part of the blender which connects to the power supply pluck socket and has a one touch button to blend up the contents.
4. You get two bottles, in the instructions it has a picture showing you should have a 600ml bottle and a 300ml but I got two 600ml bottles which I don't really care about, it doesn't really bother me.
My first impressions of the device is that it seems so simple and easy to use, I even set it up just to see what it would look like and it was s easy and took about to steps to set up which is good. Also I love the sleek design and colour scheme as it makes it look very modern and fitting if get what I mean.
The box also says that it is 300w of power so blending up your contents will be done in lighting speed, they have also designed the bottles to be ergonomical, here comes my GCSE graphics design knowledge coming into play, this means that it will be easy and comfortable to hold in your hand as it has a slight curved in middle and slight ridges to allow your fingers to fit comfortably around it. Everything, apart from the electrical part obviously is machine washable and safe. One feature that I really like is that both the bottles have a measuring guide so you measure out exactly how much you want to be in there. The box also mentions that the bottle lids have an extra wide spout so you can drink thicker drinks from it.
I love that they have included some recipes for you to try in the instructions book.




You can go visit Creative Kitchen by breville to view more blend active recipes and over dish recipes to try at home.
Hope you enjoyed this post at let me know of any smoothie recipes you have tried and what you like to drink in the comments below, thank you.


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