2014 my year of tests, exams, changing, leaving, moving, rethinking, learning, spending, completeing, worrying, stressing, panicing, over-doing and blogging. 

All this accounts to my conclusion of my expericene in 2014, well apart from blogging as some of you may have guessed. My road with blogging as been bumpy and shameful. I have countlessly explained my reasonings for not being around and not updating my blog and still have left it like a ghost town without bothering to remember my promises to get it up and running. I know a lot of people hate it when a new start of the year arrives and feels like killing everyone for saying 'new year, new me'. But for me i dont care 2015 is a new year and there IS a new me. Quite rightfully there has to be a new me to save myself and overs around me like family and friends. Those list of words sound like I have done a lot over the course of 2014 but I havent and I find it very damaging both mentally and physical to myself and overs close to me. For me a 'new year, new me' shows myself I need a drastic change and im going to use my hobbies and life to help me change that and get a better health and lifestyle ( I write this while finishing of my box of maltesers but you got to get rid of your christmas stocking treats some how hehe)

I have really been inspired over the last month to kick start a new a change by many people, mainly youtubes like sammie from Beautycrush, Zoe from Zoella and Gracie from Ugly face of beauty. I love all three of these girls and they are a real inspiration and i am sure they are an inspiration to many other people. I love that all these girls have taken any negativitie and and passed it by and carried on doing what they love anad enjoying themselfs, something that really inspired me to do this change.

To conclude I hope you guys join me and like my posts and have fun reading any upcoming content I will be posting.

I will leave all my social network dets down below, if you want to get in contact with me i have a 'Contact me' tab at the top of my blog and cant wait to hear from you.








  1. "2015, a book with blank pages. Make it a best seller" I love that!



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