My face/skin care routine

Hey guys, I have been wanting to do this post for a long time but haven't really been able to as my face/skin care routine hasn't been exactly how I want it and my skin has not been very good. I have finally come up with a routine that suits my skin and keeps it clean and fresh all day and all night. I love trying out new products also, luckily my skin doesn't react much if I change any part of my skin care routine around so I can try out new products and things pretty easily. I hope you enjoy.

Morning Routine

To start of my face routine in the mornings I wash my face and neck with the Boots tea tree and witch hazel foaming face wash to clean my face of any oil and dirt. If need be I wipe down my eyes and face to make sure all the dirt and oil is gone. I have recently started using the Lush Eau roma water that I spritz on my face before I apply my moisturiser or after a facemask or face scrub. It really helps to keep your skin hydrated and if you have sensitive skin and it gets very red and irritated this really helps to calm down your pores and skin and get it back to a calm normal state thanks to the gentle rose and lavender waters.
Like I mentioned earlier I like to use wipes to make sure I have cleared all the dirt from my face, I like to use Simple cleansing wipes which I have always used because they are the best wipes I have ever tried and they are made for sensitive skin which is perfect for my face especially around my T-zone area. Plus they always have an offer one them which is a bonus. I then move onto applying moisturiser to my face and neck. I currently have swapped over to using Nivea light moisturising day cream after finding that the simple light moisturiser had stopped having a good effect on my skin as I had been using it for a long time. The Nivea moisturiser is really nice as it is really light, great for people with oily skin, but keeps your face super moisturised and far from dry. I recently got a sample of a moisturiser from lush called Celestial which I am trying out as I am currently trying out different moisturisers to find a good one and it is nice and light and moisturisers and keeps your skin looking fresh all day but for my skin is a bit to greasy feeling, something I find a lot with most moisturisers from lush. As you can see in the picture of the cosmetic lad moisturiser which a lush staff member recommended to me but I found it a bit to strong for my skin. But I like to use it is my skin is very, very dry or on a night out as it ensures me that my skin will instant gain lots of moisture and hydration straight away and last for ages.
 again I recommend this to anyone who has very dry and you only need a small amount so a pot of this is small but lasts a long time. I have a tub of E45 which I like to use if I have irritated skin on both my face and body like eczema as it is unperfumed so it is great at calming your skin and getting rid of dryness quickly.

A new recent purchase find that I have added to my morning and night routine is the cleansers from lush. I first purchased and tried one of these which was the Buche de noel cleanser back in December 2014 and it came from the Christmas collection and I'm pretty sure this comes out every year but fell in love with the scent and when I tried it, it did wonders to my skin both in get rid of dryness and blackheads even with just one use which amazed me as I have never had such a good experience with a product as this. As this product is from Christmas and only lasts about three months from when it is made I knew I had to get a permanent replacement until it is released again for Christmas this year. I got recommended the Angels on bare skin cleanser which is available all year round. She told me that it has a similar formula to buche de noel just with a different scent which I still loved as it is very lavenderary but a natural garden lavender scent not a made up lavender scent which I loved also and I am looking forward to trying it out. I like to use this cleanser in the evening before I go to bed and I tend to use it about three days a week just because my skin is sensitive around my t-zone so I don't want to use it often.

When it comes to using facemasks and scrubs and deep cleaning type products I  like to swap between the types, like I mentioned earlier I have a skin type that allows me try out lots of new products without having much of reaction to the change. So because I cant decide I sometimes have a face scrub which could either be my lush cleanser or my St ives apricot scrub which is my holy grail product, life without this would be a living hell especially when I have severe breakout issues and bad blackheads. This just swipes my face effortlessly clean and glowing and I never stop using it. Again if I was to use for a week I would only use it 2 or 3 times just because I am careful not to irritate my skin to much. I then sometimes use face masks like Montagne Jeunesse, Avon planet spa and boots tea tree and witch hazel which are all really relaxing and great on the skin for a little mini pamper session treatment.

So that's it for my skin care routine I hope you enjoyed it at let me know in the comments down below what is your holy grail product when it comes to skin care and your face routine.



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