Thoughts on Shisha And Hookah              

Its that plant life .......

Ever since the later part of 2013 Shisha, Hookahs and e pens have really been bagging in the cash because of their popularity rising rapidly and they still are. But more recently the views of Smoking shisha in all its different forms have taken some very mixed reviews including health concerns, age restrictions and the effect it is having on the younger generation concerning the likes of smoking. I decided to write a post dedicated to my thoughts and experiences with Shisha and what doctors are telling us about the health risks.

My experience with Shisha first started rather recently on a holiday in Tunisia back in the summer holidays of 2013. The hotel I stayed in had a Shisha/smoking bar filled with Moroccan print seats and cushions and mini stools that were placed in the middle and that is were you would find a tall, slender pipe with a base decorated in rich colours and eye-catching prints, a hookah. I must admit before this I didn't really have a clue what hookah or shisha was but I had a slight knowledge of what they were. The first thing you realise is do they do this because they really want to show of and embrace this act which is part of the culture or are they really good at telling what tourists will pay money for. But besides the fact smoking shisha is quite a fun and relaxing thing to do and it is seen as a more positive version of smoking tobacco in a sense but there are people out there who of course still see it as a disgusting habit and bad for your health.

The British heart foundation say that herbal shisha is has not safer then a normal cigarette or tobacco. 
"Fruit or herbal flavours do not mean the product is healthy. Even if you use tobacco-free shisha, you’re still at risk from the carbon monoxide and any toxins in the coal or charcoal used to burn the shisha"

They also say that the average shisha session, consisting of an hour, is worth 100 cigarettes.

All in all when you think about it anything that you can smoke is going to harm your body at some point if you use it to much but in my opinion it is fine to smoke shisha if you have a limit and watch what your doing. Plus its good to pass on this attitude to friends who you have introduced shisha to as you never kn ow, they may just take it out of control so be aware of that fact.

Obviously the rise in popularity has been caused by a trend in teenagers which to a lot of people is quite a shock because the last thing you would expect would be smoking, trending because teenagers. Yeah, it just doesn't sound right.
I managed to find this article from The Guardian which explores whether shisha is bad for you and how bad it actually is but it also talks about the effects its having on teenagers.

Finally, I would like to say that I do smoke shisha but I space it out and to be honest it seems like i hardly ever do but I do every now and then and I really don't have a problem with it. I know as long as I am sensible with it I am fine.


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