My Rihanna for River Island Collection

My Rihanna for River Island Collection

2013 gave us the collection that would end all collections and sure I was sucked in because of my love for Rihanna. I have been a dedicated Rihanna for years now and when I heard that there was to be a rihanna x river island collection I was jumping off walls for weeks to come and still am now in 2014 just to be able to have the chance to own some pieces from the four different collection that released over the year of 2013. I decided I wanted to show you my Rihanna x River Island collection. Disclaimer this isn't bragging if you don't like, GET OFF MA BLOG DEN. I love you hope you enjoy ;D.

First Collection pieces:

Do excuse me if some pieces may be in the wrong collection but from what I can remember everything is in the right place. So the first collection is where most of my pieces are from and one or two pieces are missing from the photos as they are in the wash. Those pieces are the long maxi thigh split sleeveless dress and the black side split t-shirt and the sleeveless black tank top. The first Rihanna for River Island collection is my favourite by far. I loved the simplicity of it and that ninety's vibe that it had. The shoes were defiantly a gamble as I bought them on eBay and wasn't sure whether I could walk in them well but after a lot off walking back and forth around the house they are pretty easy to walk in now.
If you wanted one of these items but couldn't get it at the time keep checking on River islands website as they keep putting up items on their website from past collections.

Second Collection pieces:

The second collection, like the first, was amazing and I managed to get a far amount of pieces that I wanted. Firstly the floral print jacket I was determined to get and lucky I did. I absolutely love the print, the texture and the style and obviously i had to have a pair of matching silk shorts hahah. The one piece that is missing from this collection is my black net top that goes with the black net skirt which is one of my all time favourite pieces out of my collection. The second collection was perfect for me because I had just been told we were heading of to Tunisia in the summer break so i managed to grab some pieces that would be perfect for summer. The one and only thing i probably regret buying is the tie dye shorts and ban do style top. Its that I don't like, I LOVE THEM. But for my body shape and size it just didn't look right at all unless I covered them up with something. One of my outfits in Tunisia was the shorts and then I put my black side split t-shirt over top as it is quite long but the split on the side lets lots of breeze through.

Third Collection pieces:

So for the third collection I loved the sporty motive of the whole collection. I also loved that Riri included her G4L song name. This also gives the collection a real Riri vibe with the leather and baggy shapes. I didn't get much compared to the last too purely because money was spent on other needed things so pieces I do have from the third collection are gifts apart from the sporty style black pants which I love the most from the pieces I have from the third collection.

Fourth Collection pieces:

  For the fourth and final collection the only thing I knew I had to get my hands on where these tartan trousers.I have been wanting a pair for ages so I ordered a pair straight away when the collection released. 

I am very grateful for all the pieces I have from Rihanna for River Island as it was quite expensive and i know not everybody would of had the money to get everything they wanted so I am extremely grateful as I know collectively the pieces i have is a lot of money spent to get them. Plus a lot of the pieces were gifts so i'm even more grateful for that reason. I hope the liked seeing my collection and leave a comment what's your favourite piece from all four collections.

Thank you, ;D
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