Katie Eary x River Island Review

Katie Eary x River island 

This collection gets to showcase the vibrant, eye-catching and unique prints and colours of the designer brand but at a much more affordable price, Thank God. I show you my opinions on the collection and what are my favourites and my hates and hope this gives you a better thought on whether you want to buy a piece/s from the collection.

Katie Eary x River Island ad

Katie Eary’s collection with River Island is part of their design forum collaboration series and they defiantly pulled out the summer vibes with this collaboration. The first thing I think of when browsing over the different pieces and the photo ads is partying in a super-hot foreign place and summer holidays sneaking right around the corner. The vibrant colours and summer prints really get you in the party mood just looking at them. I especially love the different swim suits which they seem to have focused on in this collaboration with Katie Eary. They have really pulled it out the bag with trying to bring back the summer spirit in time for the holidays after the depressing winter of 2013/2014. I also love, like what I mentioned earlier, that they have used the prints and colours which are recognisable to Katie Eary but made the clothes unique to River Island. They have played around with shapes, textures and looks to create an incredibly fashionable collaboration. I applauded you River Island as always you knock me off my feet with your amazing designs and clothes. 

The Katie Eary collection is available on River Islands On-line Website.
Katie Eary for RI

 Katie Eary Ad campaign 

My likes and dislikes

My first is this print swimming costume. I think you can understand why this is one of my likes because who wouldn't like it. I love the design of the graphics, the contrast between the bright orange leopard print and the bright yellow fire is incredibly eye-catching and unique. This is one reason why I love this piece as it is unique to anything I have seen in the shops.

I don't think there is anything I can say about these shoes apart from the fact that they are AMAZING. That it, end off.

I never have liked bags with long massive leather fringes on them but for some reason this one stood out to me. I love the snake print leather on the sides and weirdly I really like the way the fringe around the edge suits with the prints of the other clothes pieces. This shows me Katie Eary and river island have thought about matching their accessories to the clothing items which usually not many brands do in my opinion.

My only dislike is this dress. I love the print but the only reason I dislike this is because the shape of these style dresses don't suit me and it is more of dress to wear over a bikini/swimsuit. So if I owned this I would probably hardly ever wear it so me it would be a waste of money.


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