Winter Favourites

I've been loving primarks pyjama and lounge wear range recently. I really loved this two piece set that has beatifull lace detail aorund the edges. And to make it even better they had a range of colours. Silky pyjamas are allways a luxary that is nice to treat yourself with and they are mega comfy and light.

A just rediscovered Urban Decay and how really good their make up actually is when i had a clearout of my make up. I really love the Naked 3 palette as the rose gold shades really suit my blue eye colour. Plus its just to pretty not to look at. I really love using a wet brush with the metallic shimmery colours as it makes them really strong and like liquid metal on your eyes. 

Another one of my christmas presents was this super trendy and amazing lamp. Ive been trying to find a lamp for my desk for a long time since my last one broke and it didnt really suit the them of my room anywhy. I spotted this lamp in Aldi, i know right i bet you didnt think i was gonna say that. 
It has a marble base which is super heavy and then a half copper and half black stem/pipe. Even the light by itself is really cool. It doesnt look like it but the light is massive, but it is tinted yellow to make it look really vintage. This lamb is the perfect edition to my room and exactly what I was looking for. 

My recent college project made way to my most favourite design that I have created this professionally learning to become a fashion designer. This piece is called Pieta 2.0 which was inspired by the french brand, Vetements as well as Greek Sculpture and renaissance art. 
I love it that much that once I have had it assessed I am so going to wear it I love it so much. 


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