Pieta 2.0

Pieta 2.0 is my most recent project and creation in fashion that I wanted to share with everyone. It also one of my most favourtie and accurate in terms of design and craftmenship that I have created so far. 

Pieta 2.0 is inspired by greek sculpture and renaissance art and how fabric is used on the body and how it ulters and changes the body and but can also enhance the body shape. I was really inspired by Michelangelos Pieta sculpture and how renaissance art used the them contrapposto a lot in the world of art. This was also used i ngreek sculptture. 
As well as this researched into how fabric is used in current trends and collections to manipulate and alter the body shop and I became very inspired by the french brand Vetements and how they tend to use fabric in excess to create lots of crinkles and rolls of fabric that ahng and collect around the waist, hips and wrists. I like to call the designs modern day greek sculpture.

This is how I came up with the name for the piece, Pieta 2.0. This is Pieta the sculpture reinvented taking a step into modern world wearing a Vetements rather than a gown. 



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