Week #1

Hey guys so I decided to do this post, inspired by Gracie from uglyfaceofbeauty, were I post and share with you pictures and feelings of my week. I decided to do this as kind of a motivational type thing were I can look back on my week and really take the time into perspective, I hope you enjoy. 

#1 I popped into River Island this week to have scurry round their new stuff and was quite impressed with the colour schemes and shapes, especially the bags. I tried on some bits and instantly fell in love with this lose, thin  shirt type top which was really flattering and very pretty. Unfortunately cause I remembered I had a train to catch I wasn't able to buy but I might wait for the sneaky sales ;D
#2 My faith was finally restored in topshop after I found this really lovely top in the sale and couldn't leave without, I love that it has a outer layer with all the lace detail on it and then it has an extra see-through layer underneath to give it a shiny like effect. his top will be great for a night out or paired with a tank top for a casual but smart look.
#3 So finally after what felt like ages my art project on recycling was complete. I have to say so far this has been my worst project and I really struggled for ideas on this one so hopefully I get a good enough grade at the end off it. I really was desperate for motivation and encouragement on this one as I really felt like I just couldn't do it. Never the less on with the old, in with the new.
#4 This week I started reading Zoella's, not really new now haha, book called Girl Online, I got this for Christmas and couldn't wait to star reading it. I love to read it in he morning when I get up just before I start to get ready for the day.
I hope you enjoyed this post and don't forgot to come back next week for week #2


  1. This post is such a great idea! I loved Zoe's book, Tanya's one is amazing too especially as it basically talks about everything, would definitely recommend it & cant wait for the next one :)

    My Blog ❤

  2. I didn't realise Tanya had a book out, must have a look and thank you x


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