My Top Four November picks

                   My Top Four November picks      

Nothing feels better then knowing you are wearing what is in style and cool. But nothing feels as good as knowing what retailers and fashion buyers are offering in stores that you can pick and add to your own unique style. For this post today I am going to show, with a little help from magazines and a whole lot of searching mountains of both on-line and inside stores, my top four picks for November. Enjoy ;P

Pick ~1

 To start it off the first thing I am going to show you is this amazing tartan tapered trousers from the Rihannas final collection with river island. I managed to grab a pair just in time. The tartan trend is starting to see a glimmer of the light as it was seen in Moschinos Fall 2013 collection.

:D Rihanna for River Island Tartan Tapered trousers

More Pictures

Trousers- £40.00

Rita Ora in Moschino Fall 2013

My second pick for November is this ever so ( in my opinion any way) pretty, girly dress from Topshop. Topshop never fails to sell clothing that suits my style. And as you can when you see in the picture of the dress my style is based on the fact that if it is ugly I'm going to wear it. Now I know this probably isn't for everyone but if its styled well that it can look really good. Plus this sort of vintage, grannyish with a mix of grunge is very trendy and in my opinion the winter trend will see this everywhere.

Winter Rose High Neck Dress

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Link to dress on Topshops website

Dress- £60.00

I love the way Topshop have styled the dress with the combat style boots to give it that grunge edge style. To make this more girly I would style it with some White barely there stilettos and a chunky gold belt to go round the waist. I have left some pictures below to give you an idea of what I mean.

These are the shoes I picked to go with the dress of which I suggested. They are simple but can make an outfit look very girly and the white adds a but of colour and a well dressed look to the outfit. I hope you like these River Island stilettos and if not they offer a wide range of different colours and shapes.

For the belt I decided to pick this little number from new look. Its basically just gold, metal mesh. Originally from new look is available ON SALE ;p on the Asos website.

My favourite pick for November will take me years and years to be able afford but for the time being I will constantly stare at the computer screen and dream about wearing them. For me these boots signify winter straight away. They are perfect if you are the type of girl that loves wearing a heel all year round but want something that is suitable to wear for winter. Again they my be a love/hate choice but they give a really nice grunge vibe and can warm any winter outfit ready for the Christmas snow.

UNIF Salem Boot

More Pictures

Link to the salem boot on UNIF's website

Boots- $195.00 (UNIF website)

From searching these shoes on the internet I have noticed and I'm pretty sure you know that it is hard to find UNIF on UK on-line stores. But because the salem boot is pretty new so far the only website I can find that it is available on is the actual UNIF website which is american :(. BUT if you are from the uk and want to buy UNIF definitely check out Nastygal's website and Karmaloops website as they always sell UNIF and they ship internationally :D


Unfortunately if you don't like UNIF then I'm sorry but my fourth pick for November is another item from UNIF. If you like funky shapes and cute little sizes when it comes to bags then this is for you. Again UNIF have used their creative imaginations and come up with this arm candy of a bag.

Don't worry Bag

Probably guessed this thing is sold out on the UNIF website but i have linked the website just so you can go read and look at it in more detail. But to everybody's luck this bag is actually available on Dollskill website and Nastygals website which I both link for you to go look at.

Link to the bag on the UNIF website

Link to the bag on the Nastygal website


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