How to make Yoghurt and Granola summer breakfast

How to make Yoghurt and Granola summer breakfast

Hey beauty's, so this isn't really a fashion or beauty related post like I said I was going to concentrate on for the sake of my blog, BUT I recently was looking on 'we heart it' and you know you always find those posts of the creative food recipes and photos that look so cool. Well I decided to give one a try and used a picture I found as some inspiration to create my own healthy, cool and summery Granola and Greek yoghurt pot, perfect to eat on a bright, summer morning.


What you will need-
  • Oat Granola ( I used Aldi's Tropical  fruit mix granola which has dried coconut, banana and chewy pineapple bits in it)
  • Yoghurt of your choice ( I used Total Greek yoghurt)
  • Honey
  • Banana
  • Milk (Optional)

 Step 1:

-Put some Granola into a glass. 

-You don't have to put it into a glass, a bowl is fine to use but if you want that cool layered effect that you 
see often on we heart it then a glass will make this easy and you will be able to see it.

- Make sure there is enough granola in the glass that you can not see the bottom of the glass. This makes sure there is a good amount of granola in there and so the layers don't start mixing and become a mess before you even eat it.

Aldi's Tropical Fruits Granola that I used

Step 2:

-Get your banana or any fruit you choice and chop it up in to pieces, making sure it is not to thin and not to thick, and place three to four around the edges of the glass.

-Next, get your yoghurt and take a table spoon full and place it in the middle of the glass. Then with the back of the spoon spread it about to cover the layer of granola so you can not see it. You may not need to spread the yoghurt, only if it is quite thick like the Greek yoghurt I used.

Total Greek yoghurt that I used

Step 3:

-All you need to do for step 3 is to keep repeating step 2 until you pretty much reach to the top of your glass.

-Because of the glass I used is quite short I only had to repeat it once.

Step 4:

-After you have finished repeating step 2 and reached the top of the glass make sure you finish with a layer of Greek yoghurt.

-After this if you have spare banana slices place them in the middle of the glass. This makes it look neater and enables you not to throw anything away.

- If you want to you can pour a little bit of milk in either on the bottom layer or once you have finished to make it moister to eat instead of dry but this is only optional.

- Finally squeeze a bit of honey on top to add some sweetness and you are done.

Hopefully you have something similar to this-

Don't forget it doesn't have to look like a master piece because you will soon be demolishing it. I hope you enjoyed my recipe creation and I hope it inspires you to be creative with your own food recipes. If you made this leave a comment below and tell me what you thought, I would love to hear and see what you guys created and your inventions with food xx

Thank you xxxx



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