Update on the running of the blog

Hey guys I just wanted to add a post up on the blog as to what has changed on the blog and what has changed on the running and sharing of the blog. Also I will mention at the end the reasoning to why I didn't actually post anything until now.

Ok so firstly my the blog was gong to be a shared blog between my friend and we were going to post our own reviews and just lots of different posts. But unfortunately my friend and i didnt really get the time to post anything and we ended up forgetting all about it. Plus my friend decided she wanted to run her own blog instead doing a shared one. Plus we planned on making it a make up blog but again it just didn't happen.

Secondly the reason on why I haven't posted anything for ages until now is the fact that I am at the pint in my life now were I am trying to get my GCSE's and revising and just doing work after school takes up a lot of time. Especially with the subjects I am taking. Also with the amount of work I am doing I end up getting very tired with the amount of work I have to do so when I have free time I end up just wanting to relax and sleep hahah. 

So now i have got some spare time on my hands ( but I still have a load of normal school work to do) I wanted to try getting this up and running and start showing you guys reviews and different types of post on both fashion and make up.

I hope you guys understand and you will be looking forward to many fashion and make up posts :D

Here are my new details :-

  •   Instagram:- @raggedamelia 
  • Rihanna Instagram:- @Badgalame 

  • Twitter:- @AprilAAmelia

  • Tumblr:- Raggedamelia


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