Novem & Knight Rae Jumper

I have finally decided to make a purchase from the clothing brand Novem and Knight and I am so happy.
If you don't know Novem and Knight is a very minimalist brand of clothing.
It was designed and created by Youtuber Samantha Maria and Jason Davis
The clothes are all designed by them both and then made in England which is a massive plus in my opinion.

I love their brand because all the clothes are very strong and I feel they could be a focal point of an outfit. The silhoutte's, shape's and styles are very easy to wear and could suit anybody. they also do a range for woman and men so anyone can shop there plus they have a few accessories items as well. 

I bought the Rae Jumper from them. Firstly I always have bad luck with finding a jumper that really suits me and doesn't make me look chubby at least more than what I already am haha. So buying this jumper I felt a little off to begin with because I wasn't sure it was going to look right on my body shape.

As soon as it arrived I tried it on straight away ready to be disappointed as I always am with jumpers.
WELL let me tell you this, I have never had a jumper look so perfect on me than this one before. 

Even with it being slightly cropped on me it still looked amazing I was so shocked I couldn't believe it. The neck is super long so it bunched up and folds over itself which is so warm and cozy. I feel this might be what makes it so flattering because it balances out the chunky knit and the cropped length. The weight of it allows it to sit nicely on the shoulders and not bulky looking. The knit isn't super chunky which I love also making it a lot more flattering than most jumper especially if you are a curvy girl like me this is amazing.

The way would describe this jumper is that it looks like a chunky knit, oversized jumper but in a much finer, cleaner look. 

I don't really have any downsides to this jumper about from the sleeves are slight too long but I feel that's just the length of my arms. When I first wore it I was rolling up the sleeves to see it looked better and to be honest it looked even better with the sleeves rolled up slightly.

How did it wear throughout the day?

Since writing this blog post I have worn this jumper twice without washing and both times were long days. 
I found that it didn't stretch out of place in any areas at all. I tend to roll my sleeves up to my elbow sometimes and it didn't stretch out of place there which is quite common in jumpers. I did find that because I am in college studying fashion I am constantly leaning over tables and sewing machines and looking down on the table and sewing machines that the long rolled neck can sometimes get in the way but to be honest this jumper is much more of fashion jumper than a practical wear jumper so most people how would buy this probably won't need to bother about that

All in all this jumper was a pleasant surprise and just looking through some of the other pieces I can't wait to make another purchase there. the quality of the clothes is very high and very affordable at the same time. This jumper is the type of jumper that will suit any body shape and size and it feels so cozy like you are still in bed and it will keep you nice and warm even on the coldest of winter days. 

I hope you enjoy this post and I will leave links to Novem and Knights website and social media dets. 



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