How to bag the designer look for cheap

Back once again with the Replica Master
(Sorry I had to)

If your someone who is like me that is madly obsessed with fashion and what is being thrown down the runway but you can't seem to grasp the price range when it comes dropping the coins then you have found the right spot. 

Fashion is forever evolving, quicker than ever in history. Once something is on the runway everywhere else has grabbed it by their own hands and it's hanging up on a high street rack in a multitude of variations for a much cheaper price. 

Here I show you the guide and rules for shopping designer, trendy replicas. 

# 1- Buying cheap on eBay can be your friend.

Yes, there is a stigma that buying from eBay is a silly idea because it comes from china and it will be broken before it even reaches. Well, I'm sorry but I am here to rule that out straight away. 
I've only bought, what I would call a designer replica on eBay once and it was an orange Vetements long sleeve top. It's not amazing quality as expected but it was still good and nice to wear and it only cost me £15.99 in like its inspiration which cost a tear dropping 500 odd pounds. 
The thing you have to watch with replica's if you buy them from eBay or anywhere else, they are likely not going to be exactly the same. For example, my Vetements style jumper says Detements rather than vetements on the sleeve. 

Kyle Jenner in the original Vetements version

# 2- High street is just like designer

Once a season of fashion and trends is up you must check out and hunt around high street stores, specifically Topshop, H and M, Zara I find, as they tend to grasp a hold of the most popular trends and make up their own styles and versions of it. Topshop and H and M are really good at this. 

For example just last week I bought a green long, oversized jumper with pink font down the sleeves. Sound familiar?

# 3- The more money the better it will be

I know the whole point of this post is to be able to understand how to get the designer style for cheaper or if you are on a budget but let's be honest the more it costs, generally the better the piece is likely to be. Buying a replica on eBay is all good but it will only be a cheap material copy and likely won't last you long, it's better for if you only want to wear it once rather then more often. 

I really recommend Topshop for this. As much as I hate Topshop for their quality and just general work ethic I must give it to them because they produce some amazing designers and at times I walk and feel I want to buy the whole shop. They are pricey in my opinion but if you want a lasting designer inspired piece then this is the place to go. 

Some of my Topshop picks

Topshop beloved hoodie

Inspired by Vetements


Topshop Tiger Cigarette Trousers

Inspired by Kenzo


MOTO Panel Selvedge Straight Leg Jeans

Inspired by Vetements


AUBERGINE Perspex Heeled Ankle Boots

Inspired by Dior


#4- Just have fun and don't bother about anyone's opinion.
This is my last but also most important point. Some people don't seem to like it when you wear designer replicas rather than the real. Well not all of us can afford it so I just tell them to stick up the arse to be blunt ah hahaha. I just want to say just have fun with clothes and fashion whether it be super cheap or super expensive not matter the price just have fun expressing yourself through clothes and fashion.
It's definitely a motto that I have tried to stick to more recently but,

Dress for yourself and not for others. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and comment below what is your fashion and style motto.



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