End of Summer Haul

Like I said in my previous blog post I mentioned how I felt my style and what I wear is taking a massive turning point and thanks to this I've been taking a lot of style risks and chances and trying out new things.

I thought I would do a short but sweet clothing, fashion haul and show you what I have been buying.


Vetements style long sleeve T-shirt (now with 10% discount)

So I have been obsessing over the french designer house called Vetements which have become extremely popular recently, I particularly love their layered t-shirt dress but unfortunately I haven't got £930 to throw out or even 300 and odd pound. Which brings me on to this t-shirt. I fell in love with this t-shirt when it came out from the brand vetements and from what I remember it was over £300 which I don't have the money for hahaha.

I did a bit of eBay searching and found a replica version from china and I love it to bits because it only cost me £16.99 which I am more than happy with. But as you notice in the picture it says Detements rather than Vetements but I don't really care hahaha. 

Boohoo Nikita Shirt

I then ordered some pieces from Boohoo which surprisingly I loved all of them and I have featured this shirt already in my previous blog post which was a #ootd post. This shirt is slightly sheer and is super light weight so it perfect for the summer as a cover up or you could but a cami dress of mini skirt underneath to wear as a dress as it does come up quite quick.

Boohoo Hanky hem dress

This dress was not easy to photograph at all so I will leave a picture from the website for you to what it looks like a bit better. But never the less this dress so pretty. It does have really low arm holes at the side which I probably wear a tank underneath but I'm still figuring out how I'm going to make that look nice haha but I still love it. You could just wear a cropped jacket or something which would still work well.

Boohoo mila bodycon dress
I tried on a dress similar to this but grey in new look last year and I regret not buying it but I saw this one which exactly the same and had to pick one up.

A couple of weeks ago I went on a shopping trip with my mom and I picked up a couple of summery tops from new look. i picked a black halterneck bodysuit which I love but the neck bit is not the comfiest thing I've ever worn so I would probably keep this for when i know I'm not going to be wearing it for very long.

 I also bought this on the same day from Primark which is a bit random but I just didn't find that much that I liked this time round whereas normally I find a lot in primark but I found this and thought it would be perfect for work but as expected with primark the quality isn't great.

 Another random item but most of you won't know that I love Rihanna and a couple of years back she realised a couple of collections with river island which I did buy some pieces from at the time but ever since I have been constantly searching eBay and depop to find more pieces in my size at good prices and i found this cropped jumper from the first collection which I love.

I hope you enjoyed and leave a comment on what your favourite piece is



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