My 18th Birthday outfit

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Long time no see, I know but life's been busy but life's been good. 
As you may have guessed from the title I turned eighteen (yesterday from the day this is posted).
I had a great day hanging out with family and friends and I am ever so grateful for all the gifts I got given. 
One present in particular that I got for my birthday was a professional DSLR camera. I have been waiting for ages to have one of these but I had to but that to the back of my mind since I started learning to drive as I had no money to afford one. 
But finally I have a beautiful camera, Canon EOS 100D, and it is absolutely perfect. I can finally start uploading good quality pictures on this blog rather than use my phone.

So for today's blog post I am going to show you my 18th birthday meal outfit, hope you enjoy.

 Some extra birthday pictures

Outfit Details
Top- Topshop ( link to website )
Skirt- Boohoo ( Link to a similiar version )
Necklace- Primark ( Link to a similiar version )
Ring- Pandora ( link to website )
Heeled boots- H and M ( Link to suede version- ON SALE )

Hope you enjoyed and please leave any comments below, thank you 


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