L'Occitane 5 oils Repairing Shampoo and Conditioner

For the past couple of weeks I have been trying and testing a shampoo and conditioner combination from the amazing smelling brand, L'Occitane. They sell multiple different things to care for your skin  and hair but they also offer a range of fragrance's.

 I came a across some 50 ml sample size bottles of both the 5 oils repairing shampoo and conditioner and decided to test them out and let you know if they really are worth buying a full bottle size. Firstly before i start giving you my opinions and review on both products I will say L'Occitane is quite a pricey brand in terms of beauty products which is why I felt like a good review would be useful as nothing is worse then buying something expensive whether that be clothes or beauty products or anything in fact and its turns out to be rubbish, bad quality or cheaply made and so on, so lets get on with my opinions.

My first immediate opinion on the two products were that they smelt amazing, really fragrant and summery. But this made me a little sceptic as my skin is a little sensitive to products that contain parfum as its called in the ingredients list and makes me itch and gives me a reaction like eczema. So this instantly let my hopes down as the smell was quite strong. But when I read the ingredients list I did read that it contained perfume/fragrance but i also read that there is different oils, hence why the product is from the 5 oils range, which will contribute to the final smell of the product so that lightened my mood of the product a little bit. Also like how the bottle design, which the sample size has the same exact design as the full sized products just smaller obviously, is very simple and not to showy like a lot of drugstore shampoo brands and I like thatchy haven't got anything on there that is really trying to sell it of to you are things 'VOTED BEST SHAMPOO' or "MIRACLE IN BOTTLE' type of stuff which is a little refreshing haha. The design and colours is a very natural and led back look which suits the product itself as they have used natural ingredients like the oils in the products. Now I want to tell you how I got on trying and testing the actual shampoo and conditioner over the course of about two and a half weeks. 

So the first wash I used both these products I didn't really notice much dramatic change with my hair and it didn't feel like it did much but after the next couple of washes I started to notice my hair looked a lot shinier and just generally looked healthier. I didn't feel the need to plaster my in other products to make it look decent, all I had to do was dry it out which I normally I let my hair dry naturally if I have the time and brush through and it looked naturally sleek and neat which was really helpful for early mornings but nice as it made my hair look naturally perfect and flowing. Also I noticed it seemed to be good at taming those annoying fly aways and baby hairs which my hair is a common one for. 

One thing I like about the product, particularly the conditioner, is that even though it has different oils in it, it didn't feel oily and grease which I hate most conditioners for but this one felt light weight and creamy and just lifted my hair by the roots and nourished them and getting rid of any dryness and brittle ends. the found that the shampoo was very good and dissolve down any dirt and grease in my hair very quickly and I only required a small amount, another good point I look for in good shampoos. 

One thing I disliked was that the shampoo didn't lather up with foam as much as I liked which I know a lot of people hate this but it doesn't stop your hair from being washed well so it wasn't too big of a deal for me but it can annoy people, I know haha.

All in all I would defiantly recommend this shampoo and conditioner and it is defiantly worth the price same as other products from L'Occitane as the oils really nourish and enrich dry and overly heated hair that needs a repair but not a through deep conditioner or hair mask, just a daily top up type of thing. As long as your not expecting it make miracles and your hair to fixed straight, as I mentioned earlier I didn't notice a difference until the second and third wash as it is like I said not a deep conditioner product but it is defiantly more nourishing then a normal shampoo and conditioner. 

I hope you enjoyed this review and found it useful if you are looking for a new shampoo and conditioner and check out my other past blog posts.

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(Disclaimer: I was not paid to make this review and I didn't get these products for free from L'Occitane I paid for them myself and made this review on my own accord)


  1. Thanks for the detailed reviews. Love being able to read other peoples' takes on products as they help me decide if it's worth it for me to buy them or not.

    Rae | Love from Berlin

    1. hi thanks for the comment, and same I love reading reviews to find the best products so i don't end up wasting money haha xx


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