Week #2

I haven't done one of these for a while and I loved doing the first one that I tried a while ago. So I thought I would do a special one this time for my summer holiday that i have just about finished ready before I go back to college.

Week #2- Summer Holidays






-1- During the middle of the summer holidays I went to a family friends house for a week to visit and spend some time away from home. It was perfect timing as well, as the sun was out every day and it was warm and bright which made my week better even more. Here I took a picture of a lake in the newly rebuilt shopping centre which looked really beautiful with the sun shining.

-2- I took this picture to show the start of my reinvented style. I had a big wardrobe clear out and sort out, creating outfits and styling pieces of clothing that had never been worn and I just thought a lot about my style and what I really like to wear and how I want to present myself. I was also at this time thinking and creating (in my head) a challenge for myself. I have been watching and following a lot of hijabi bloggers and reading up about their modern modest sense of style ethic which really interested me. I watch Dina Torkio on youtube a lot. It just made me come up with this idea of doing something like a 30 day modern modist challenge but more on that later.

-3- & -4- So a couple of weeks back I went to visit my dad for a week. I got to see there new springer spaniel puppy, Amy. She is the most bonkers dog I have ever met and she is always full of energy but she loved cuddling up in the evening on my lap and falling asleep. I also got to see their german shepherd who I love to bits. Her name is Lottie and she is the most beautiful dog I have seen and her temperament is amazing. She has a funny character as she always barks at people like the postman but as soon as they come close to her, she will act all happy and excited haha. 

-5- I made my first ever big purchase which I spent time saving up for and couldn't believe it when It arrived and absolutely love it to bits.

-6- I took a picture of my outfit from a recent shopping trip which I really loved. I got the outfit look from hijabi blogger, Dina Torkio which she wore. Hers was a green two piece with the white tunic whereas I picked up the black two piece and I wore mine with a pair of white Nike air force 1's to give the look a very 90's sporty look. 

I hope you liked this blog post and don't forget to comment below and share this post. I would love to here your thoughts and feelings and read what you guys have been up to on your summer holidays.



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