Byron Proper Hamburgers

 So on Monday I went to see my colleges end of year art exhibition and I decided to go out for something to eat after. I ended up wanting to go a burger joint so in my area the best burger joints to choice from are gourmet burger kitchen or Byron and in the end I decided to go to Byron as it just looked more inviting and interesting from the outside. 

 When we were seated I grabbed a simple diet coke to drink and to eat I decided on having the Lesmokey burger and a portion of French fries to go with it. I have to say this is the best burger i have had in ages the meat was cooked to perfection, Mine was cooked medium and it was done perfectly, who ever was cooking the meat is very good and the lettuce, bacon and sauce on the burger was also really and worked well together. I liked that the barbecue sauce had a little hint of spice to eat to give it a bit of extra flavour and detail. The fries were also great they were kind of like posh mcdonalds chips but they actually had a soft centre and crunchy outer haha. 

Another thing I loved about Byron was the plates and pots they used to serve the food on, i thought was very unique and really cute as the fries were served in little metal pots and so were the sauces. I also love that even though I didn't get one I saw that the milkshakes were served in these metal tall glasses with straws which again I thought was really unique and different.

Another point that I loved which isn't to do with the food is the interior of the restaurant which was another unique point about the restaurant. The front seating area wasn't that well decorated but around the back were I sat was really nice, the walls were covered with shelves which were stacked with plates, bowls and glasses and such and the toilets were really strange as the sink was all one big sink instead of separate different ones and the tap was like a little pipe with a nozzle to let out the water but all in all the interior was very shabby and artistic but simple at the same time.

I would defiantly recommend Byron if your a burger enthusiast or your looking for somewhere new and interesting to try out.

Go check out the menu on there website and start dreaming over all the deliciousness.

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