Lookbook #1

Lookbook #1
Hey guys, this is my first ever look book and I was thinking I was going to do a look book series were I do a look book a couple of times a month or something because I love look books especially watching them on youtube. I hope you enjoy and let me know what you think in the comments below.
Look -1

Outfit Details
- Dress- H&M
- Necklace- Topshop
-Shoes- Primark ( Alternative )

Look -2

 Outfit Details

- Maxi Shirt- Primark ( Alternative ) I have this alternative from Zara as well and I love it
- Flared leggings- New Look ( Alternative )
- Heels- H&M
-Crop Top- Rihanna for River Island ( Alternative )
-Jewellery- All Primark

Look -3

Outfit Details
- Skirt- Rihanna for River island ( Alternative )
- Top- Primark. This is new at Primark so it is still available to buy
-Jacket - I found this in a second hand shop but it is from Asos originally
- Sandals- Tamaris
All jewellery as before
Look -4


Outfit Details
- Jumper- Primark ( Alternative )
- Trousers- Cedric Charlier
- Coat- Primark
- Necklace- Avon
- Earring and Cuff set- Avon
- Heels- New Look
Make-Up Details
Lips- Mixture of both rimmel London kate moss lipsticks in shade 05 and 03
Checks- Mua blush in shade 02 and Mua undress your skin shimmer highlighter.
I also have recently been using Mac select cover up under my eyes recently mainly when I have eyeshadow on or doing an extreme make up look just make my skin look a lighter more flawless and fresh. 


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