Autumn/Winter Lush Haul

Hey Lovelys, So firstly I just want to say sorry about not posting for ages. I have been super busy with college so my blog has had to take a back seat along with my polyvore account and things like twitter and tumblr. But fnally I feel settled in and comfortable with college work and things like that so I will be regularly updating my blog and continuing my college series. So I hope you enjoy this post and i hope it gets you into the festive autumn and christmas mood.

Fairy Ring Soap
Fairy ring soap is a product from the Halloween collection which what I was most excited for. This soap is super adorable when you see the whole thing together. It looksw like a cute little mushroom fairy house. More on the mushrooms, this soap includes shiitake mushrooms. It my sound odd and horrible but the soap itself smells amazing and not of earthy mushrooms haha. Lush also say that the shiitake mushrooms help for better blood circulation and are also antibacterial. This soap also includes vetivert oil, jasmine absolute and ylang ylang oil, making it sounds floraly and warming.

 Wizard Bubble Bar
Wizard bubble bar is a very fresh smelling scent which is great for a nice bubbly morning wake up bath. I was told it is supposed to look like a wizards hat but for some reason im not quite sure on that haha. The bubble bar is covered in a silvery purple shimmer so if you hate having glitter all over you this is not the bubble bar for you but I must say compared to some other bubble bars and bath bombs this has consideraly less glitter on it. This bubble bar has juniperberry oil, fennel oil, ylang ylang oil and tangerine oil all mixed into it.

Sparkler bath bomb
This bath bomb was brought out for bonefire night, firework night whatever you want to call it which one of my favourite things ever. I also wanted to try the purple version of this called northen lights but unfortuntly the store i go to had sold so tough luck haha. But besides that this one smells absolutly amazing. At the beginning i iked the scent but still was alightly unsure and thought was average but of the past couple of days it has really, really grown on me and i am in love with it and can not wait to try it in my bath. The sparkler has sicilian lemon oil, rose oil, egyptian geranium oil and a touch of popping candy.

 Lord of Misrule
Lord of misrule is the ultimate bath bomb to put you into the halloween spooky mood thanks to the patchouli scent that lingers when you smell it and the green and red colour combination matches perfecty making it my favourite so far from the 2014 lush halloween collection. This bath bomb includes black pepper oil, patchouli oil and fair trade vanilla absolute.

Magic Wand
This is pretty much a lush stable when it comes to the christmas collection so i dont thing there is much need for me to explain about it. It is scented witht the same scent as snow fairy and is reusable just by swishing in the water to create lots of bubbles.

Golden Wonder
Golden wonder is not one of my favourties out of the ones I got just because i am not a massive fan of citrus (i am starting to like but some things i still dont like) but i just love the concept of this bath bomb and the colours which means i cant wait to try this. Golden wonder has sweet orange oil and lemon oil to create that citrusy feel.

So White bath bomb
So white bath bomb is just a load of appley goodness and makes you feel really girly. This bath bomb has bergamont oil, orange flower absolute, neroli oil and rose absolute.

Dashing Santa bath bomb
Ok so again dashing santa is another one of those citrus smelling satsuma bath bombs so at the minute i dont know what I feel about it but i have to say i prefer this one to any other citrus one i have just because the citrus smell is not so strong so i can stand it but i do love the way it looks. This bath bomb includes mandarin oil and bergamont oil.

Melting Snowman bath melt
I can not describe to you how amazing this bath melt smells. It smells that good that im pretty sure i am going to have to buy one or two more. It smells like spicey wonder world. To me it smells exactly how you would expect christmas spiced cookies to smell like. Ok now im making my self hungry haha. This bath melt includes clove leaf oil, cinnamon leaf oil, patchouli oil and sweet orange oil.

So this is my lush haul, I went a bit ham with this one but dont often treat myself to a pampering bath but now i know i can have many luxarious baths as christmas gets nearer.

As always thank you for reading ths post and comment down below what is your favourite and what you will be getting from the lush halloween or christmas collectin.


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