Silky blues

 Hey guys so I wanted to do a post just showing you these banging trousers that I got from a Vintage/second hand shop near were I live. 
They are by a designer called Cedric Charlier. I looked them to see if I could find info about the brand but as far as I know they are still around but I don't know what collection or how old these are but never the less I still love them to bits and I got them MUCH, MUCH cheaper then the original price.
They are made from 100% silk which makes them SO SO SO SO SO SO comfy I cant even explain it but I just to try not to catch them on anything sharp otherwise the material will pull easily and they will be ruined.
These trousers are comfy enough to wear out on a night or for relaxing time out of the house shopping or something like that.

I hope you liked how I styled them and be sure to leave a comment telling me what you think. xx

Also unfortunately the camera I use to take the pictures for my blog has gone. Well it was my dads and he asked for it back so unfortunately my blog pictures will not be as good of quality. They will still be good but just not as good hahaha.

Just a little update, I found these some similar trousers for you to check out if you want to get a pair xxx

Link to another pair of Cedric Charlier trousers that are similar to my ones

Link to my exact trousers on Avenue 32



  1. Nice trousers. I love them styles with that top! xx

  2. These trousers look so comfy and are such a pretty and unique colour!

    Hannah x


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